Aims and Goals of Thiruvalluvar Foundation


The birth of  Thiruvalluvar Foundation is for the noble cause of participation in the progress and contribution to the educational advancement of the  Downtrodden.Thus the Foundation has been established under the Public Trust Act,1950 and under Societies Registration Act,1860 with the following objectives:


a)      To secure unity solidarity and brotherhood among all the communities in India.


b)      To organize  and carry out activities in the social, educational, cultural and in such other fields  for the upliftment of the downtrodden people like Adi Dravida community,


c)      To run Educational institutions ,Hostels, Libraries and Coaching classes for the benefits of the downtrodden people  particularly the Adi Dravida  community,


d)      To establish and maintain studentship, give prizes, books and clothes and Grant-in-Aid to the poor students,


e)      To arrange and celebrate the birth anniversaries and memorial ceremonies of the great men of India.