From President


Dear Brothers/Sisters,


Entering into the New Year, if we take a critical look on our entire nation in general and at our community in particular, we get a very complex and vague picture of our social scenario. Upon weighing the pros and cons of our social and communal tension and the fear of terrorism engulfing the entire nation, we can anticipate a bleak future. On one hand, unprecedented advancements in the field of arts, literature, science, technology, agriculture and industry have transformed the entire world into a technical global hub web, leading to considerable increase in the field of enhancement in scientific development, education, employment and possible international brotherhood among all communities, while on the other hand the materialistic and bureaucratic outlook of certain stateless persons have proved quite fatal in spreading of fear of communalism and terror.

Though globalization has brought all-round improvement in the standard of living of the people in general, the Downtrodden are the least benefited. A cursory look  into the future brings forth a twenty-first century full of challenges. In this dark scenario there are two major challenges ahead in front of the common masses specifically the downtrodden class. The first one, which needs utmost attention, is getting a very high standard of quality education, which in turn will raise the economic and social life, standard of the common masses. This is very important in order to compete in the intense competition prevalent in the field of education, economic, social and political life standards, which has become quite high. For spreading education among the downtrodden, certain basic works have to be done. The important requirement is full and compulsory attendance of students in the primary education. All children aged between 6 and 14 should be in school. The drop out should be completely eliminated. Second, the state governments should take upon themselves the obligation of the task of putting all children in school with free and compulsive education.  Therefore, the scenario of twenty-first century is totally different and full of challenges, the voice of which can be easily heard.

In order to solve the problems discussed above there is an urgency of six-fold works to be done among the Downtrodden masses. First of all, the need of the hour is to generate the education, economic and social awareness among the downtrodden  and second, to establish a multi-objective institution for preparing an effective, wise and dynamic leadership to make them disciplined in education and to train them for different competitive fields. The spreading of education amongst the Downtrodden should be undertaken on a war-footing .The States should implement educational programmes very aggressively so as to give education a good opening. Third, the downtrodden society should wield economic power. Economic power comes from commercial and professional activities. Politics also paves the way for economic power for this society. Fourth, a strong leadership to lead the society is vital for politically and culturally integrating these people into one. Fifth, a sense of self esteem, self belief and self respect should be built in  the minds of these people which would activate them into proactive things and self development. Sixth , these  people should develop a warrior like mindset to confront any threat to their survival within the framework of law. The educated among the downtrodden  should act as beacon of light in shaping the younger generation and guiding them the right path towards growth and development. 



Thiruvalluvar Foundation